Случайно нашел великолепную статью британских ученых в серьезном научном журнале Behaviour, по ссылке в ЖЖ А.Маркова.

Evidence to suggest that nightclubs function as human sexual display grounds (по ссылке — полный текст на английском в pdf)

Начало многообещающее:

"Young, sexually mature humans Homo sapiens sapiens of both sexes commonly congregate into particular but arbitrary physical locations and dance".

Дальше — больше.

"Within the nightclub itself more than 80% of bouts of mixed sex dancing were initiated by a male approaching a female, demonstrating that males are stimulated to approach females rather than vice versa. In consequence, females are placed in competition with each other to attract these approaches. Various female display tactics were measured [...]"

Но главное — результат!

"Data revealed that more than 80% of people entering the nightclub did so without a partner and so were potentially sexually available. There was also an approx. 50% increase in the number of couples leaving the nightclub as compared to those entering it [...]"

Схемы и картинки — в хорошем количестве.

Надо срочно пригласить авторов на бал!!